Welcome to PLAN D Virtual Assistants

This is how you can tell that you need us:

  • You spend far too much time on admin and back-office work?
  • Your business is holding you hostage?
  • Your business requires skills you don’t have?
  • You need reliable and efficient support?
  • You don’t have a work-life balance and feel the health effects?
  • Your business is sometimes a hot mess?
  • You need more time to focus on the important aspects without worrying about the routine tasks.

The benefits of hiring PLAN D Virtual Assistants:

  • We are less expensive to hire than a full time employee One LESS person to worry about on your payroll and your benefits scheme.
  • We pay for our own medical insurance, sick leave and holidays
  • You no longer have to invest in recruitment agencies
  • You only PAY for the hours that we work! No coffee breaks, no office gossip and no surfing the net!
  • We have our own office equipment and electronics

We help you save time

  • We arrange your schedule, market your business, take care of your inbox, handle customer queries-all the tasks that don’t earn you any money but consume your time.
  • We reduce the time that you work so that you have that work-life balance
  • We deal with the less important tasks so that you can focus on that big fish!

We save you the headache…

If you don’t know how to do it, we do!

  • We are professional and experienced in Administrative and Secretarial tasks
  • There is no task that you can’t send our way.
  • We have excellent communication skills
  • We know how to prioritize our time in order to get everything done for you
  • We are resourceful-it is our job to solve problems and find solutions for our clients.
  • We add value to you and your business and go that extra mile.
  • We are reliable and trustworthy.

 What makes us stand out from other VA’s?

  • We offer confidentiality
  • We have outstanding customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • We are highly organized with exceptional attention to detail.
  • We have vast experience working and dealing with a variety of people from different countries and cultures
  • We have strong marketing skills and are able to use numerous social media platforms.

We provide a prompt and on demand service to businesses from wherever you are!

Don’t waste another minute of your time.

Contact us on +267 73242740 or email info@plandvirtualassistants.com