Professional Development and CV Writing

Why is professional development important?

Professional development isn’t only about climbing the greasy pole or earning more money. It’s also about avoiding stagnation in your career and future proofing yourself.

When you expand your skills beyond your current role you’re preparing yourself for more and that makes you more valuable to employers.

Please click here for a list of BQA Accredited training courses we offer. These workshops are not included in our Packages.

  • Help you write an Award Winning CV or Resume
  • Providing you with Interview Tips and how to answer interview questions
  • Giving you a mock job interview before your interview
  • Proofreading and editing of proposals
  • Proofreading and editing of projects, dissertations and thesis

If English is not your first language, PLAN D Virtual Assistants can check your work for any spelling errors and ensure it is grammatically correct. We offer everything from a simple read through of your document with recommendations, to a complete editorial and re-writing service, making alterations where appropriate without changing the original meaning. Please contact us for more information.