Gorutana Online Learning

Why Online Learning?

Online learning costs less than traditional classroom-based experiences. Online education is becoming a more appealing option for many pupils. The suitability and flexibility of online learning allows learners to study any time, virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. 

  • With schools closed and sudden lockdowns, families throughout Botswana are going online to support their child’s school learning
  • Online learning is the perfect solution for people who have demanding work schedules or family obligations
  • Less peer pressure from other pupils as you need not worry about what other students think of your thoughts or learning pace
  • Flexible interactive learning is delivered to the learner in the comfort and safety of their home
  • Online learning provides channels through which pupils and teachers interact with each other via email, online chat and video conferences
  • Pupils participate in online discussions, submit assignments and work through the lessons under the guidance of a qualified teacher
  • Learning at your fingertips using ZOOM or GOOGLE CLASSROOM – download one or the other
  • Lessons delivered in small same age groups or on a one on one
  • Online learning allows your child to study at a time convenient to them and to the tutor Gorutana Home Schooling offers Online learning throughout the day from 9am to 4pm. Please book in advance, to avoid disappointment