About PLAN D Virtual Assistants

I’m Danielle Nunes, an Executive Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager and the founder of PLAN D Virtual Assistants and Consultants. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the United Kingdom and have over 16 years’ experience in roles which have put my business administration and secretarial skills to the test on several occasions.

In 2010, I was fortunate to work for Ford Motor Company (UK) as an Analyst and was responsible for the coding and correct plant build of the Ford Focus. I have also volunteered as a Paralegal for Citizens Advice Bureau in the UK for 3 years and offered free and confidential advice on money, housing, legal and consumer issues.

In October 2021 I started running VAASA-Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa as the Director of the Association. The Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa has over 520 members and was founded in 2017.

I am a Proud Member of Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa

Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs, busy professionals and all businesses which require our support no matter they are in the world.

We empower and FREE YOU from the tasks that you dislike doing or simply don’t have the time to do.

We will provide resources and business advice that is essential to your businesses growth.

What are the benefits of hiring us?

  • We provide our own office space because we work from our own office.
  • We are flexible.
  • We provide our own equipment laptops/computers, desk space, storage devices.
  • A client only pays for the actual time PLAN D spends on completing the task. No money spent on bathroom visits, water cooler chats, or coffee breaks.
  • It is convenient and cost-effective to make use of our services. The internet is the most important way of communication, therefore we are the perfect solution to staff resource issues.
  • You can send tasks to us from your mobile, via email or Dropbox and distance is never a problem
  • Using us will cost less than hiring an employee, so you can make use of our professional assistance. 
  • We allow you to focus more on routine tasks by taking the routine work off your plate.
  • Delegate part-time jobs that you are don’t want to do or that pose problems for your self or the company
  • We run the backend of your business-your business will never come to a stand still with us.
  • Peace of mind. Don’t worry about letting calls go to voicemail during the day. We can actually answer your calls and speak on your behalf.
  • You are assured of 100% optimal delivery and are only responsible for paying for the assignments you hand over to us.

Don’t waste anymore time wishing you had the help. Let us make your life and job easier while you grow your business and invest in yourself.