Gorutana Unschooling

Given the opportunity to be unschooled during the school holidays or lockdowns, allows a child to let their hair down!

The difference between unschooling and homeschooling is the way learning is approached. In a homeschooling environment, parents or teachers supervise the learners whilst they are working on their selected programmes or formal school work. 

A curious child, eager to explore the world and follow their interests in their own way. will enjoy learning, given the correct platform and support. Unschooling caters for this informal style of learning that allows the child together with the parent/teacher to select activities relating to their interest e.g. football, Indian cooking, dress designing, dinosaurs, wild animals in Botswana, Hip Hop music or Festivals in Japan etc.

Unschooling operates with the understanding that the more personal the learning is, the more meaningful and useful it is to the child. Unschooling improves creativity, ownership of learning, self-motivation, enthusiasm, organisational skills and concentration.

Gorutana teachers will be in the background to guide, assist, monitor and encourage your child in their research. We will devise interesting and fun activities to help explore their interests, whilst they are unschooling. In other words, Gorutana teachers will strike an online partnership with your child.

Two heads are better than one! Read more: Call us on +267 77 487 279 to find out more about unschooling