Do not give up. No matter what!

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.

In November 2018, I decided to start PLAN D Virtual Assistants and Consultants to assist individuals and businesses. After I had chosen the company name, I needed to find a way to advertise and market our services. Since this is a virtual business, it would have been disastrous if we didn’t have a website to show off to prospective clients. How would people find out about all the services that we offer?I knew straight away that we would need a website. After a lot of thought, I decided to create my own website on WordPress. It looked quite easy to do on the WordPress tutorials. Choose your theme, a click here, and a click there, add your content, upload your images. Boy… was I so wrong? It was so difficult and time consuming. The images kept on moving out of place and the content did not always save to the site.I spent many late nights and early mornings in front of my computer, Googling for help and contacting the support staff at WordPress. I had a vision of how I wanted our website to look like, but I didn’t know how to explain what I wanted to the WordPress Support Agents. There were many days when I felt like crying, it just seemed like I would never be able to launch this site. I really wanted to give up on creating this website. It would have been much easier for me to pay a Website Designer and take the easy way out-but I knew if I did that I would have lost the battle to WordPress and technology and I was not about to give in. I knew that if I gave in then each time I wanted to change a page or tweak the website I would have to pay an expert to do the job for us. My website has not turned out exactly as planned……But here we are, and this is PLAN D’s website. 41 days to get the structure of the pages right and as for the content… it will forever be updated. Do not give up, no matter what and if you are ever stuck with anything business related or personal and you’ve tried PLAN A, B and C, always remember that there is a PLAN D!Hope you find the website interesting and find it easy to navigate around. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you.

You never know how close you may be to achieving your dreams.

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